Codename Sandcastle has Arrived

First there was Oceanic, then Waves and now it’s Sandcastle. Designed by a Turtle now has a new look after another year of active development. (Hopefully the name and images can remind us of the sunny times).

The New Design#

New Site, Codename Sandcastle

The new design supports an edgy-look, sharp edges and bright colours and hopefully brings what’s important most (the content) to life.


Front-end development for this theme used Grunt and Bower for the first time to help manage third-party CSS and JS libraries. As well as this, SASS was used in a pesudo-object-orientated way to split the CSS files into manageable chunks around each section of the site.

Most notably however, over the old theme, if that we’re back to using jQuery. We took a stand in the last theme to use vanilla JS – instead of loading a whole library to do two simple things. We found this had little affect on the page speed (as jQuery often manages to get cached) and did require extra development (especially cross-browser), so we’re back to using it.

The Old Design#