Gimp 2.8 Released

Gimp 2.8

Last week, on the 3rd of May 2012 the GNU Image Manipulation Program, also known as the GIMP, released version 2.8 of their cross-platform software. It supports many new features, the most notable of which is the long awaited single-window mode as well as many other user interface tweaks which make this version more attractive and intuitive to use.

It is available to download from the

Single-Window Mode#

Gimp 2.8 Single-Window Mode

The condensing of all those different windows into a single large window makes the use of this application significantly easier. The memories of using older versions of the Gimp mainly consist of losing these odd sidebars and taking time out of image making/editing to fit it all on screen – No more!

On-Canvas Text Editing#

Gimp 2.8 On-Canvas Text Editing

Moving font styling onto the image canvas makes changing the font and it’s size much easier.

The Gimp 2.8 hosts many new features (see full list), most of these changes are to the interface but it makes a huge difference. It worth a download.